Saturday, October 8, 2011

I HEART WorldMarket!!!

Take notice of the ALL CAPS I put on the word heart. If there was a better enunciation on my keyboard it would have been put on that word which still pales in comparison to the true love I have for that place. Furniture, home decor, WINE GALORE, beer, worldly/weird foods (they even sell Kinder German Chocolate <which was my mom's fav when she lived in Germany>), jewelry, accessories, a little bit of clothing, paintings, bath linens, baskets, rugs... I mean SERIOUSLY?! Now you have Casey's explanation of how I go in there and spend hours of my time... sigh.

In this post I am going to take you on my journey through my recent purchases from WorldMarket, aka WM. There is nothing better than finding a deal, especially when you can buy brand new. With that being said, you need to become a "World Market Explorer"and sign up for their explorer program. Not only do you get notifications of the weekly deals, you get a 10% off coupon for your next purchase, AND you get family and friends 25% coupons every now and then too. TOTALLY worth it because World Market is the best and their products are extremely well made. Go here to become an explorer with me!!!

Casey's TIPS AND TRICKS #1 - SHHHHHH... this is a secret, so don't go telling too many people about this, because I don't want WM getting too smart and finding out about me. I recently have made quite a few big purchases from there, and one day while I was shopping about to check out the friendly cashier told me that I could "double up as an explorer." All you have to do is use a different number (Your explorer ID is your telephone number), you can even use the same email address to get an additional 10% off coupon. I know, I know, you may be thinking that this is cheating the system or deceitful but I figure if a WM employee told me about it, then it must be safe and I must share it with my followers! P.S. - I've only done this twice and I don't plan on doing it again unless I really really really need it, so please don't "cheat the system" every time you go buy a bottle of wine. ;) 

Within hours of the purchase of my loft, I was on the computer for DAYSSSSS searching new home decor. Here are a few of my favorite places to look for ideas. Most of these stores are over my price range, so they are mostly for brainstorming, unless I can find a deal. Duh. 
And most obviously

One of the very first things I fell in love with were some bar stools from Restoration Hardware. They have the industrial look, which is SO IN right now, and would look perfectly with the lofty/industrial look in my new home. 
Then this picture had me sold that I wanted these in my loft at my kitchen island...
BUTTTTT, they are $349.99 EACH at Restoration Hardware. Um, no way jose! Then one day my mom calls me and tells me, "you are never going to believe what I found at WM....."
Oh yeah baby, those are from WM!!!!! And they are originally priced at $109.99. I still had a hard time justifying spending  $330 on 3 new stools for my island, but being WM, they went on sale one weekend for $99 each. Lo and behold, I used my first Explorer coupon and spent $267 on three brand new industrial bar stools compared to what I could have potentially spent at Restoration Hardware, $1,050. THAT'S A $783 SAVINGS! They have great reviews online and I personally think they are even cuter than the ones that cost about a month's worth of mortgage. 

Another thing I quickly fell in love with was a floor lamp from Pottery Barn. 
This lamp is a hefty $319.00 + $69.99 burlap drum shade. Once again, WM pulls through and comes out with a "mix and match" campaign of new lamps and shades they released this fall. I stumbled upon a floor lamp and burlap drum shade that looks almost identical to the Pottery Barn version - at a fraction of the cost. $99.00 for the base and $29.99 for the drum shade. THAT'S A SAVINGS OF $260.00!

One thing that I knew I would need for my loft was a nice dining room table and chairs. I currently have a small pub table, and in my new space it would not work. I plan on posting the table to CraigsList (eek) to try and sell so  I can make a little extra moola. After searching and searching, I decided on a table from WM, the Sourav Collection! It has been around for years, is handmade and even comes with a bench, which was a dream list item for my new table. I never pay full price for anything, so I used a 25% off family and friends coupon to make this table affordable. I'm thinking about putting it with two of the Sourav chairs, and then two tufted, cute fabric chairs on the end. What do you think?
This picture does not do the table justice, but I will be sure to post my own pictures when it is up in my loft and I do "Room Reveals." This is an idea I stole from my college bestie, Sybil (see her blog). 

Another item I ran in to today while purchasing my table and bench was a painting that I have been eyeing. My mom originally liked it and it has grown on me over time. It is my second favorite flower, a peony. It was originally $199, then marked down to $99, and I also got to use my 25% coupon to make this 48inx48in painting, $75.00! Now, THAT is a steal! After purchase, we even drove out to the lofts and snuck in to a loft that already had their exposed brick wall up to make sure it would look cute on the wall... we had success!
Last item for this lengthy post. Another thing you'll learn about me is that I easily get carried away on things I get excited about. I wanted a cute and funky yet classic chandelier to go in my dining room. When I saw this "3 group pendant" set at WM, it was love at first sight. I purchased it for $59.99 and they even had a mounting kit for $25.00. Out the door with a chandelier for $75.00. Can't beat that!

I hope you enjoyed my WM journey! My next post will be a DIY project! Yay! :)


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  1. You are a girl after my own heart! I love WM and I have the exact same dining table, floor lamp and bar stools! Great post.