Friday, February 10, 2012

Refinished Bedside Tables & DIY Valentines Wreath

I'm really excited to share this blog post with everyone, as there are TWO projects I will enlighten you on. :)

First, are my two bedsides tables. I wanted to find a pair (that matched, obviously) and were relatively inexpensive. As you know, I love Home Goods. Once again, my mom saved the day when she was out browsing and ran in to these bedside tables.

As you can see, they were NOT CUTE but I fell in love with the shape and the price $100 each, so I took the plunge. After getting them home, it was quite the ordeal for me to decide on a color to refinish them. I finally decided on "Grey Cashmere" by Benjamin Moore. I stole this paint color from my Grandmother... I'm so fortunate! I come from a family full of stylin' ladies. :) Grey Cashmere is used on my ceilings in my house in my 1/2 bath, and bedrooms and their respective bathrooms. It is kind of a modern feel with a traditional, classy approach as well. I could not be happier with that color choice.

After painting the tables, I decided I DEFINITELY needed a pop of color for the knobs. For those of you that don't know, Anthropologie has the world's coolest knobs. AND the most expensive... Therefore, you must wait until they go on sale. You may be thinking, "Anthropologie? Yeah Right!" But trust me, they do go on sale and pretty frequently to top it off. They are definitely worth the wait. After spending about 2 hours in their knob section I narrowed it down to these choices:
***Before scrolling to the completed pictures, try to guess which knob I chose!

After much deliberation I chose...
The yellow rose knobs!!!!They are PRECIOUS and add so much character to them. The coolest part about the Grey Cashmere paint is that it has the appearance of many colors... Grey, light blue, even the slightest greenish tinge. I was SO happy with my finds and it was beyond easy to refinish these. TIPS AND TRICKS #5: When refinishing furniture, get a VERY fine sand paper and sand as much as you can. Wash the piece of furniture off a with a wet rag and get to painting! I used Benjamin Moore outdoor slight glossy finish. It's stronger and is much more forgiving with lines/imperfections when you paint. AKA - it dries quickly and smoothly.

Here are both of them together! I can't wait for you to see them in my master bedroom ROOM REVEAL post. They look stunning next to my DIY door as a headboard. (See the headboard DIY post here.)

Both side tables, 6 knobs and Benjamin Moore paint for less than $250. The best part is if I ever want to change them, it will be super easy AND cheap! I have a good feeling I will keep these tables for a long time. Maybe even use them in a nursery one of these days... how cute would that be?!

Now, on to the DIY Valentine's Wreath. Before I even get to babbling about this project, I have to give FULL CREDIT to my mother, aka Gigi. (This is what my lil nugget, the mini Aussie, Lulu, calls Mom). She found this project on Pinterest and surprised me one afternoon when she came to visit me at my house. She even took the time to take pictures along the way so I could easily share with my readers.

Gigi got the red felt fabric at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon. Here is a link to my previous post that shows you how to get the 40% off coupon. She got the heart styrofoam shape at Jo-Anns fabrics. They frequently have sales as well, along with 40% off coupons that you can locate here. Gigi said that Jo-Anns was the only place in my town that she could find the heart form... You can also order these online at Jo-Anns! Total price she spent on materials was less than $10. She had some extra burlap material in her craft box, so she used that to hang it on my door.

TIPS AND TRICKS #6:  If you visit other coupon websites such as you can find coupons for just about ANY store. They have online and printable coupons. This site is AWESOME!

Gigi used a 3" diameter cup to cut circles (she used a tervis tumbler, as you can see in the pic) for the fabric. She cut 20 circles at a time until the wreath was full. For specific instructions on how to make this precious wreath go to this site: The Idea Room. This is the site where Gigi found her instructions, so this is a good spot to get step-by-step info. :)

Here is the finished product! I've received SO many compliments from my neighbors and it looks fabulous on my door.

I hope you enjoyed this post... I told you I would get back to sharing all of my projects! Next post will be VERY exciting. 2 DIY wall decor projects and a quick money saving tip on my roman, bamboo shades I purchased for A GREAT DEAL.

Love My Loft,


  1. I love the bedside tables, the wreath is something else. Just beautiful
    My granddaughter turns four on valentines day, so i think I might have a go at making her one in pale pink. The flowers look fairly simple are they? Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, they are not hard to complete at all. If you look at the website I referred to in the post, there should be a link that will give you VERY good, detailed instructions on how to bend the fabric, etc... Hope your granddaughter loves it! :)